Spread the WORD-

Wondering Oddity Randomly Defying
anything you thought was true.

Cause holding on to truths is like holding on to a shark so you won’t drown.
Best case scenario – the shark doesn’t notice you and you can continue getting dragged where ever the shark pleases.
God is much like this kind of shark- the type not to notice and obliviously carry on without realizing he has been branded a savior.
Those with some talent latch on to a shark which they can steer. Truth then becomes a leaning-stick which doubles as a sward. Manipulating the shark, collecting followers and fending off other sharks claiming they are false sharks which lead, most likely, to a pending doom is all very jolly, but beware! Make the wrong move and the shark might not like you anymore. Falling on your own sward may be an honourable way to die, but shark’s/truth’s bites are a bloody mess; Which also call on other sharks you pissed off along the way to come and finish the job of devouring you.
Those with some sense try to get to know the shark they latch on to. This might be a version of Stockholm syndrome, it might also be the sensible thing to do. If you’re holding on to a  shark in an ocean of unknowns, study the shark, get to know him.
This way any warning signs of aggression or dangerous maneuvers can be foretold and dealt with.
A clever truth-rider asks the right questions and calls it science. Yet, weariness is still needed. You know the saying ‘you can’t handle the truth’? Well, it’s doubly dangerous with truth-sharks.
What ever the truth-rider’s choice is, he must always be aware that another shark (which one might deny the existence of, making it a massive blind spot) might sneak up and bite him in the arse.
Then there are those who have learnt to swim, in this ocean of unknowables filled with truth-sharks and truth-riders. These swimmers must learn  to stand (swim) their own ground. This is the great mystery of the origins of the truth-sharks. For they were once people about to drown. They have learnt to swim, they have learnt to fight, they make their own way while others attempt to ride them.

One last point to tell all you swimmers, riders and sharks, before fingers get sticky and teeth bared-

Metaphors are not truths.


2 responses to “Spread the WORD-

  1. Amazing!

    Don’t mean to be all gooey and sticky but I just can’t help it.
    You write in an illuminating way.

    You spin such great knowledge-carrying metaphors that it is only right for you in the end to remind the readers that it is not the truth.

    You’re like a shark-to-be not trying to become its own followers-accumilating rider.

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