How to become successful in one simple step.

At some point in our lives either we are on the fast route for success,¬† or we’re not. Either we become successful, or we don’t. There are those moments of clarity, where we view ourselves and judge our success, or lack thereof.
At those points come those like myself, advice givers. Because giving advice makes us feel like we know what we’re doing, and sometimes it even brings in an income! But we need YOU! to take it. So here is my advice for becoming successful in one seemingly simple step (which will break down to loads and loads of steps which none of them are actually simple):

Want to become successful? Change you’re definition of success to what ever it is you’re doing at the moment. And Hurray! you’re a successful individual.

Why this advice is crap:
Well, for one thing, changing one’s definition of something socially oriented and deeply implanted by education, society and habits of thought is anything bus simple. It’s probably easier to actually go out and try your luck in the stock-market. When it comes to success, it’s not precisely us who define it for ourselves. we don’t just want to become successful, we want others to view us as such. We rely on the reactions of others¬† in defining our position in the social scale. Some do have the ability to define their own brand of ‘what is success’, and we see them working hard on explaining to others why it is legitimate, and eventually using social resources such as holy scriptures, social values, ancient civilizations and great thinkers to help fixate in other’s minds that what they see as success is valid socially.

So, how do we move out of this mess and still get what we want?
Getting what we want is a complicated yet simple problem. Complicated because it takes time to explain and make coherent, simple because once one understands it seems so obvious and simple it’s almost like magick.
For the moment I’ll untangle the knot of wanting to be successful with a question which can untangle everything into infinity-
Why do you want to become successful?
If you can find a good enough reason, then hard work, creativity and dedication to what ever field you chose will eventually be enough. If you can’t find a good enough reason, and soul searching comes up with ’cause my mother told me I need to be successful so I can get a good woman’ or the likes- I’d advise you to face your desire to become successful, tell it to go screw itself (instead of screwing you) and go on to lead a slightly more satisfied life doing what you love regardless of societies definition of success.